About Me

“On really romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion.” ~Speed Levitch Waking Life

NINA ROSS aka MISS CHIEF. F*CK titles. I represent the WEST. From Long Beach and LA to Stockton and Sacramento…  I’m a CALI woman till the day I die. I’m created by my experiences. I’m shaped by my interaction with other humans. I’m motivated by love. I’m defined by my passion. It’s important to see the beauty in the world and I’m an optimist for the most part… but there is balance. Not everything is sugar and spice.

I admire those with integrity, perseverance, ambition, resilience, honesty and compassion… Surrounding myself with people who have these qualities only makes me want to become a better person.

I work. Those who are familiar know that I’m a multi-talented woman and it is crucial that I get things done and done correctly. A productive life of purpose, is a happy life. If you need a list of my services or a consultation, please inquire.

My passion… is in my loved ones, my faith, the community, music, hip hop culture, art, travel, education, health…. making a positive change starting from within.

Striving to be authentically happy.

NEVER ever stop learning.

GIVE LOVE unconditionally.

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Love your site! Glad I found it! :-)) -ML

  2. We like your stuff/style/passion and look forward to reading/seeing/feeling more! Don’t make it too long before your return to the Emerald City!

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