DLRN releases new song accompanied by artistic video

DLRN is proud to present the music video for “Good Company”, the first single off their long awaited EP, Awakenings. The video, directed by Sami Abdou, captures emcee Sean la Marr’s opus to the perfect partner.

“Good Company”, filmed in Los Angeles, was shot by Maximillian Schmige and edited by Doug Herman. Utilizing photographic techniques like double exposure photography, Abdou was able to reflect the emotions inherent in the song. “A cocktail of sexiness, love, admiration, and triumph,” Abdou describes. The music video marks the third time the group has worked with Abdou, having previously worked with the director on “Dear Langston” and “Reset” (featuring Xuice Hades of Fly High and Prometheus Brown of the Blue Scholars).

Awakenings is the final chapter of a trilogy that includes 2009’s No More Heroes and 2010’s The Bridge. Each project, eight tracks in length, serves as a portrait of the group’s evolving understanding of themselves and the world they live in. Awakenings is set for release on November 27th.

Awakenings tracklist:
1. Homecoming (feat. David Scott)
2. The Calling
3. Good Company
4. House of Matches
5. Fear & Loathing (feat. Stevie Nader)
6. Drive
7. Roxie’s
8. …Open Letter (Part Two)

DLRN is emcee Sean la Marr, vocalist Iman Malika, and producer Jon Reyes. They are from Sacramento, California.

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