Road Trip Nation Submission

When do you plan on hitting the Road? 
June 1, 2012 – June 6, 2012
Where do you plan to go on your Roadtrip? 
I will fly from San Francisco, CA into Newark, NJ on 6/1/12, Take the train to Philadelphia, PA 6/2/12, Train to NYC 6/4/12, back to NJ 6/6/12.
What’s your biggest fear?
I am nervous about going on this road trip alone but excited nonetheless. I do have fear about exploring on my own but I am very independent, resourceful, friendly and smart… I am confident that this roadtrip will be an experience of a lifetime.
Tell us why you want to hit the Road with Roadtrip Nation in 10 words or less.
Life’s one long amazing roadtrip. Share it with the world.
Tell us something about yourself that surprises most people.
I truly believe that Hip Hop education is powerful and would like to make it a career choice.  Hip Hop often gets a negative connotation in mainstream society because of what media has portrayed. The culture and essence of Hip Hop is quite rich and has saved the lives of many individuals through the art, passion, knowledge and wisdom. I am a true “Hip Hop Head” that is heavily involved in my own community and wherever I go.  I’m knowledgeable about the culture and history but I’m forever learning.  I have built a strong network within all elements of the culture thus far and it doesn’t stop here. 
Name two people whom you admire and why you’d like to interview him or her. Also include one question that you’d ask each person.
I would love to interview Ahmir “?uestlove” Thomson and/or Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter or any of the members of The Roots band. I have been a fan for quite some time and my trip is based around the Roots Annual Picnic. I would love to ask them about their evolution as a band. I’d like to bring them back to their beginnings and discuss how they’ve changed in different aspects as far as their sound, work ethic, business decisions and more. I’d like to ask them how they feel about the present state and the future of Hip Hop.  It would be awesome to discuss some of our fallen soldiers in Hip Hop, and the impact they had on their lives. I’d like to include questions about Hip Hop education and their opinion on people who are using it as a tool for empowerment.  I would also like to interview fans and anyone that can share truth and knowledge, whether they hold “status” or not. I believe that we all have something valuable to share with the world.
What do you hope to apply to your life in the future from speaking with people that have defined their own Roads in life?
I hope to gain the wisdom and knowledge to continue my own path on my life’s roadtrip in order to inspire and uplift others, especially our youth. The most valuable lessons in life I have learned have come from experience and speaking to wise and knowledgeable individuals.  I hope to solidify my career path further and have a more solid plan for after graduation. I have a very strong feeling that many great things will come of this journey and I can’t wait.

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  1. Love you for this.

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