“The Session” presented by 916groove.com

The Sacramento Hip Hop scene is a VERY diverse one. I’ve gotten the opportunity to check out several artists an their crews. I’m pleased to say that I’m constantly impressed, especially since I’ve surrounded myself with a community of talented individuals.  You’ve probably seen me tweet about wack artists while I watch them make a fool of themselves on stage, but the dope artists  I’ve come across definitely make up for it.  

I have to be completely honest… I’m not that familiar with this 916 groove or its artists but for this particular show I have some friends on the bill who I’d definitely love to support.

Joel of Lost and Found music is someone I truly admire. We have worked together and produced amazing events for the Sacramento music community. Our whole team went our separate ways and continued to do our own thing while still making a positive impact in this city. His label, Elevator Music Entertainment, is much more than a label. They are constantly supporting local artists and not only attending events but fully covering them! Check out one of the events they covered in one of my earlier posts: Task1ne Album Release of District 916.

Speaking of Task1ne, he’s on the bill for this event too! If you don’t know Task1ne, you clearly know nothing about Sacramento Hip Hop.  Please check out his debut album District 916.

Speaking of District 916… the album was mixed and mastered at the infamous Soundcap Audio Recording Studios.  The man behind the studio is none other than Pete Space of HGL who will also be rockin “The Session” on Sunday.

These are some multi-talented, genuinely good dudes who definiely put in work! MC Q Ball seems to be the main organizer of the event.. I’m interested to check him out as well as the rest of the artists rockin that night. We shall see!

Click the flyer for a link to the Facebook invite:

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