Styles 1001 presents “The Solution” 12.05.10

Producer Styles 1001 will release his album “The Solution” on December 3rd 2010 which features some  of Sacramento, CA’s finest: Random Abiladeze, Floe Montana, La Undadog, Chuuwee, R.I., DJ Rated R, Keno, Tribe of Levi and more. I sat down to ask him a couple questions so YOU would get to know him a little better.

Can you introduce yourself please?
My government name is Dewitt Marcel Nunery, my stage name is Styles1001.

When did you start making beats?
I’ve been making beats seriously now 3 and 1/2 years now. The very first beat I made was in Germany back in 1999 but I was just messing around then, see I was in a group called “Classified” my cousin started and I came in the door as a emcee, we was doing local shows around the San Francisco but we was really underground. A opportunity fell into our lap in 1996 where we got a chance to go to Germany and make a record. It was eye opening experience for me and the crew but unfortunately the record never came to be. My cousin who made all the beats had a situation where he had to come back to the states and we were left without a beatmaker with all this studio equipment. That is the very time I actually took a interest in making beats but not because I initially wanted to but because we needed beats. Thats pretty much where it all started. 

How long have you been working on “The Solutution?”
Just about 2 years now, not because the album recording and stc. took that long but because the album has evolved a few times over. Really, it was just a instrumental album that evolved to having instrumental album with a feature or two, to now a full length album with 15 tracks, all star features with 2 instrumentals total now on the album. It somewhat took on a life of itself, if you will.

The most challenging thing about this project?
Achieving that bar of sound quality that I set for myself and I set that bar really high. Sometimes, I wasn’t meeting the standard I set and rather then settle or compromise I went back to the drawing board. Then was my first project and it had to sound the way and feel the way I envisioned it. I’m not signed, so time wasn’t a factor to me because I always believed I could meet the expectations I set for myself but it would just require sometime patience and time.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
The Pharcyde, N.W.A, Wu-tang clan, Pete Rock, Portishead, Nirvana, J-dilla, Dr. Dre, The Mainsource, Tribe called Quest, Madlib, E-40, Marvin Gaye, De la Soul, Kanye West, Outkast

Who would you love to work with?
Jay Electronica is nice, Andre3000, Jill Scott, I would like to be that fly on a wall while Madlib is making beats, Black Thought, JadaKiss, Common

What are your thoughts on the 916 Hip Hop scene?
At one point in time I wanted to call the album “THE BLACK HOLE OF TALENT” because in a way I believe thats what the Hip hop scene in the 916 can be compared to. I’m not from Sac so I kinda have a outsider’s perspective other then somebody who’s been here they whole life. See, I have alot of talented producers, emcee’s, dj’s, graff artist, etc and without out question this city ain’t lacking in the talent department but at the sametime I don’t mean your city is gonna blow. I compare Sac to the South back in the days, the South had the Geto Boys, 8Ball & Mjg, and alot of talented katz too, but they got NO shine. U was either buying and listening to some East coast music or some West Coast music, they were invisible but yet in still had all this talent. Fast forward to 2010, they run the radio waves, Bet, MTV and Vh1 and basically has had it on lock for a few now, feel me? Everything comes full-circle.

Do you rap?
Lol. occasionally I still do. I was a emcee first but I refuse to grab a another mic until I have substantial to say. There is enough katz flooding the air waves with a bunch of nothing.

Where can we hear more of your music?
Also, the cd will be available on Itunes, cd baby and amazon music.

Anything else you want to add? Anyone you want to thank?
First, I wanna thank everybody who supported me and all of those who supported Styles1001 as a artist, since day one. I’ve learned that sometimes other people can see the potential in you before you do. And finally, that “THE SOLUTION” has been a long time coming, I have put my heart and soul into this project and when it drops on 12-5-10 all I ask is that you listen to it, just hear it but listen to hear it. Peace

One response to “Styles 1001 presents “The Solution” 12.05.10

  1. I’ll be looking out for this to drop. Thanks for the interview!

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