Dear Rapper,

Someone I know asked me to check out their music.. This is how I responded..

Dear Rapper,

While I admire your dedication to your music and the hard work you put in, I do have some opinions about the music I heard on your facebook page. I want you to know that I’m just being honest. This is a cut-throat industry which is overly saturated and if you really want to make it.. even on a local level, you HAVE to be dope and appealing to your audience. Granted, I’m just one in your audience, I’m one that will be completely honest. I did not enjoy your music and if I didn’t know you I probably wouldn’t support it because even though I’m open minded to different kinds of Hip Hop, it was not enjoyable for several reasons:

  • The beats lack originality. Sometimes even if the lyrics aren’t on point, if you have a dope, catchy beat it makes up for it. But the beats were not appealing at all. There was ONE.. the vicodine beat, was alright. Try networking with producers here in Sac (or surrounding areas).. there are some that got HEAT and definitely worth paying. I have suggestions if you need.
  • The lyrics lack substance. Like I said before, if you have a catchy beat it wouldn’t matter but you are lacking in both aspects. I want to hear music that is relevant in today’s world. Or music that tells a story. Music is poetry over a beat… lyrics are SO important.
  • Breath control! Both you and your partner need to really work on that. If a listener can notice you don’t have breath control, that’s kinda bad.
  • Lack of originality in rap style. There is no precision in your voice.. sometimes I listen to a song and think “damn, he has a good rap voice” even if the song isn’t all that. There is no distinction and it kind of sounds sloppy.
  • It didn’t sound mixed at all. Paying for studio time is worth getting the right sound. But all your components need to be in order as well.

I’m no music engineer but as a listener and a true Hip Hop head these are the things I noticed. There are so many talented rappers in Sac that lack your dedication. I can tell that you really love doing this and that’s great, but I would advise you to keep practicing and take my criticism into consideration. I honestly don’t think you are ready for stage time and highly suggest lots and lots of practice before your show on the 4th. I would suggest open mics. Feed off the crowd and see what others think. Videotape yourself and watch it with people that will be honest with you. Usually when rappers are dope, people come up to them after the performance with a great interest to either hear more of your music, collaborate or book you… if you don’t get that after you get off the stage, you probably ain’t that good. Please don’t take offense to my critique, I was actually pretty nice compared to what a lot of music critics, rappers and people in the scene might say. Make it your goal to impress your favorite rapper. Someone I know has a motto… “Be Dope or Quit” –MykBlauuw… PERIOD.

6 responses to “Dear Rapper,

  1. Hopefully your honesty is appreciated. It takes balls to tell someone like it is. Do I know this person?

  2. word girl, you are the shit! I just stumbled across this site accidentally. How can I find you on the bookface? We have a sincere love for hiphop in common. There are NOT enough mamas in this game.


    • i appreciate that sis. i’m on facebook and twitter.. you can find the links on here but if not search “nina rebultan” and on twitter i’m misschief916. i’m starting to plan a women in hip hop event date TBA (most likely in April).. its one of my favorite events to plan! lets keep in touch definitely..

  3. What’s up Nina. My name is Kyle, my emcee name is L0TU$. I am part of the Auburn Hip Hop Congress. I actually met you a few months ago when you did a workshop for us. I was searching for a picture for my album which I was going to name Peace…Love…Hip-Hop and I randomly stumbled across your blog. Is that a copyrighted slogan of yours or can I use it? Much respect for being so honest with your critique here. Would you mind checking out my beats and letting me know what you think? My blog address is I really liked the pointers you gave this guy and would like someone to critique that will be completely honest. I can only post one audio clip a day, so I will post them as I can and when I complete a song with my lyrics I will post those too. If you would do this for me I would greatly appreciate it. Hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Oh yeah, just to let you know, I wasn’t trying to bite your style. I honestly thought about that slogan a few years ago when I bought a sweatshirt that had microphones with the cords wrapped into a peace symbol. It tripped me out when I typed it into google and saw Misschief916. Great minds do think alike I guess. I can change it to PEACE…LOVE…MUSIC if you want.

  5. Thats good shit i like the honesty. Now can you check out my music? lol no seriously tho

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