Seattle Hip Hop Career & Business Expo

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The Seattle Hip-Hop Career & Business Expo, scheduled for October 9, 2010 at the Vera Project – Seattle Center is part of the Seattle City of Music Festival and will focus on introducing young people who are part of the hip-hop generation to the many career and business opportunities in and around hip-hop music and culture as well as providing aspiring artists and entrepreneurs with tools to grow their careers and businesses.

Confirmed speakers include:

Devon Manier, Sport N Life Records
Ben London, Media Rights Manager, Hewlett Packard
Tom Mara, Executive Director, KEXP
Tony Kiewel, Head of A&R, Sub Pop
Jen Czeisler, Vice President of Licensing, Sub Pop Records
Mark Dyce, Founder/Principal, 206 Inc.
Omari Salisbury, Chef Operating Officer, R Networks
LaKeith “G.Prez” Asphy, Presidential Media Group
Dr. Skip Rowland, Exec. Director Urban Enterprise Center of Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce
Caroline Li, TD Wang
Amalia Martino, Blue Shoes Media
Larry Mizell, Stranger/KEXP
Jonathon Cunningham, Publicola.Net
Marian Liu, Seattle Times
Casey Carter,
Julie Chang-Schulman, Hip-Hop Congress
Alex Kochan, AEG Live
Chris Porter, Director of Programming One Reel
Dave Meinert, Fuzed Music
Kate Becker, Seattle Theater Group
Cochise Moore – Seattle Hip-Hop Youth Council/Seattle Vocational Institute
Montique Carter – UmojaFest P.E.A.C.E. Center
Arif Gursel – Invisible Man Entertainment
Draze, Mixtapemovies
Agnes Munala, Marketing Director, International News Inc.
Wells Fargo Bank Business Banking
City of Seattle Office of Economic Development

The Northwest region is a vibrant source of musical genius and a ground zero of technological innovation and breakthroughs. It is also an international city and the gateway to the Pacific Rim. As such, it is the perfect location to host a Hip-Hop Career & Business Expo focusing on technology for youth empowerment and community economic development.

The event will expose youth to career paths including music, arts, culture, business administration, entrepreneurship, journalism, film/video, technology, marketing, education, human services, politics and social entrepreneurship.  By using the power of hip-hop and other music genres to educate and elevate the community and region, the event will engage and expose youth to academic, career planning and entrepreneurship and technology resources related to their interests.

About the City of Music Festival

Enriching the lives of residents, visitors and listeners around the globe, the mission of the Seattle City of Music Festival is to engage audiences via the foundation of Seattle’s vibrant music culture each October. Embracing audiences, business leaders, educators and politicians, this month of music will support the creative, economic and community value of music in Seattle and the Northwest, and its impact throughout the country.

About the Seattle Hip Hop Summit Action Network Youth Council

The Seattle Hip Hop Youth Council was established in August 2002 as a vehicle for youth empowerment and leadership development.  Our primary goal is to maximize the involvement of the hip-hop and urban youth community in the social, political, economic and cultural empowerment of our families, communities and nation; and to work to build coalitions with others who share our vision to transform or society and the global community into a better world.

About UmojaFest Peace Center & The United For Youth Coalition

The UmojaFest P.E.A.C.E. Center is a community based, youth focused cultural center in the heart of Seattle’s historic Central District.  The center features and audio recording and video production facilities, library/reading room, Organic P.E.A.C.E. Garden and outdoor stage.  For more information visit The United For Youth Coalition is a growing network of community-based organizations, businesses and individuals committed to creating safer communities by recognizing and engaging youth as assets rather than liabilities.

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