C-Plus x DJ Flow presents “All On Me”

Today was a very special day for Sacramento… Along with the significance of the date 9-16, Sacramento’s own C-Plus of Neighborhood Watch and Turf Hop Alliance celebrated his birthday AND dropped “All On Me.” It hasn’t even been a full day and this project is a buzz with lots of positive feedback. Check it out for yourself and download it for free at www.liveatthedojo.com.

The official party took place last night at the Press Club and was beyond crackin! Lots of Sac’s finest all under one roof to celebrate this project. Lots of Bay area love was in the house too. DJ Flow killed it with a bunch of West Coast throwbacks and good ol’ Hip Hop Classics. AV hyped up the crowd as always as we all sang and rapped along. Plus, drunk and happy, totally set off the right energy for the night and everyone in the room was feelin the good vibes. He murdered each song even when he and Chuuwee had to share a mic because one of them unexpectedly went out. Plus made light of the situation and pretty much proved that you gotta be two pretty dope emcees to kill a track on stage with one mic, 16 bars after 16 bars back to back. Between songs he gave love to everyone involved with planning of the event, his family and the crowd that was rockin with him. At midnight AV busted out a cupcake birthday cake and everyone at the Press Club sang Happy Birthday to C-Plus and his brother N-Pire.

Last night was an prime example of a dope hip hop show and a successful event. This is how Sacramento Hip Hop events should be. Congratulations Plus! Where’s my free shirt? jk!

Sponsored by: FTC x The Official Brand x 12ftdwende
Artwork by Michael Stevenson

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