S.W.A.G. – Students with Aspiring Gifts

Vote to Fund a Youth Hip Hop Program. Every month Pepsi grants money to fund great ideas. S.W.A.G. is a Hip Hop cultural non-profit organization in Sacramento.  Please help by voting for this idea at http://www.refresheverything.com/swag916hiphop. If you believe Hip Hop can make a positive impact on our society then please help out this cause.

Overview of S.W.A.G:
Students With Aspiring Gift seeks to implement programs geared toward influencing the Hip-Hop generation. S.W.A.G will influence the Hip-Hop generation through classes we offer that promote the five elements of hip-hop culture (i.e. deejaying, grafatti, mcing, b-boy/girl, knowledge and culture). S.W.A.G is the bridge to engaging the underrepresented about hip-hop culture and providing resources to them that are difficult to obtain. Our aim is to showcase students’ talents and engage them in cultural arts events that exemplify their true talents. In order for us to sustain the longevity of S.W.A.G we believe the community’s support will be the key factor in making our students’ goals and aspirations a reality.

Click on this image to visit the voting site:

One response to “S.W.A.G. – Students with Aspiring Gifts

  1. Thanks so much Misschief916 for supporting S.W.A.G. I am the genius teacher that is providing extra credit for my students (smile). Please continue to vote daily and again thanks for supporting our cause.



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