Rap Battle World: Da Jungle URL 7/10/10

Me n my wolfpack are at it again. This weekend we’re headed down to Da Jungle URL Battle being held at The Ecco in Los Angeles (home sweet home). The battle line up is exciting! I’ve only recently been learning more and more about the whole Battle Rap World, as my girl @NorCalChika is a die hard fan. We went to MOB (Massacre of the Bay) earlier this year which was a huge 2-day event put on by GRINDTIME. We had a blast watching emcees rip each other apart in the ring all weekend and it was dope to also see bboys and DJ’s duke it out. Its gonna be interesting to see  how the URL battle this weekend goes.

Out of the guest appearances I’m particularly excited about @AndyMilonakis being there.  Last week on the NorCalChika show on www.kumsfm.com she released a diss song about Andy Milonakis by an East Coast rapper. Andy was aware, tuned in and called in to rebuttle in a freestyle. Chika hadn’t even heard of him before this. He’s hilarious to me.. a young Tom Green if you will.  Awesome. 

Big up to @Court_Vaughn and @JFox209sons and man, can I give a shout out real quick to all the STOCKTON/MUDVILLE/TWOMPNINA battle cats in the line-up? I’m not technically from Stockton.. but I spent four great years of my life there… ya’ll represent! “My Digits aint hard to remember nigga 209 me!” – @BrokeTheEmcee

One response to “Rap Battle World: Da Jungle URL 7/10/10

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