Sister Nancy in San Francisco

“Bam Bam” – Sister Nancy (Listen Here)

The orignial, the legendary rasta Sister Nancy (Aka Muma Nancy) blessed the Rockit Room in San Francisco last Saturday evening with her angelic voice and reggae riddim. I walked into the dim, smokey dancefloor full of bodies swaying from side to side. People were dancing with each other and themselves to a mix of classic reggae, dub and dancehall that the DJ was spinning on stage.  A rasta man sat on the stage and beat on a drum and folks danced around him.  The scent of ganja  in the air was pleasent and perfect for this occasion. We all waited patiently and enjoyed the good reggae music as strangers in the crowd acted like family and shared the greens with each other.

She made her way through the crowd and we all cheered, eager for her performance. She took off her shoes greeted us: “Big up San Francisco!” She proceeded to rock the crowd with that reggae riddim opening with “Ain’t no stopping Nancy.” All throughout her performance she continued to praise Selassie and give respect to the city.  The passion in her performance was profound. She was one with the music and we, the listeners, became one as well. She also performed singles such as “Transport Connection” and the dancehall classic “Bam Bam” (click the link above to listen), 4 different versions to be exact. Every time the DJ dropped that familiar trumpet sound the crowd went wild as she sang different lyrics to the song.  She exited the stage without singing the original version and the audience demanded an encore… Sister Nancy never disappoints. She finished off strong with the original version of Bam Bam and absolutely killed it!

Sister Nancy is a true Reggae legend, born in 1962 but will never grow old.

Sister Nancy Myspace 

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