Busta Rhymes Tonight

Busa Busss! Tonight at Club Avalon with a long line up of opening performances mashing Reggae and Hip Hop including Reggae artist X-Sample. I’m particularly excited for Feyva Punkette, as I’ve heard great things about her… as well as Sacramento artists Doey Rock and MLS (Major League Spittaz). I’ve seen Busta Rhymes twice before… once at Rock the Bells in San Francisco last year and in So Cal a few years back. Its going to be exciting to see him rock a smaller, more intimate venue… I WISH SACRAMENTO HAD A HOUSE OF BLUES! Or… a Knitting Factory, that would be dope.

I loved “Back on my BS” and I can bump that album any day… I’m excited to see him perform hits from that album as well as classics like ‘Woo Ha, Got you all in Check’, ‘Put your hands where my eyes could see’, and so many more! Pre-sale tickets are probably sold out but you can still buy some at the door for $50 and TRUST it will be worth it. This is gonna be a good night. I hope to see you all there!

Big up and shout out to the homegirl Century of MLS… I know she been way juiced for this and is so prepared to open up for the one and only BUSTA RHYMES!!!!!!! GIMME SOME MO’!

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