Sacramento All Stars June 18th!

check out for more updates on this

These artists were nominated by Sacramento fans.  Come see what they got! Yes, there are many artists with amazing skill that are not on this list that definitely should be… but the loyal supporters of the artists on the final bill have spoken. Come show them some love!

Many people are upset, as if this bill determines the BEST in Sac… not true. The ladies of Royaltee Radio wanted to see who the fans in Sacramento wanted to perform. In my opionion… there are a few DOPE, talented, skilled people on this flyer. There are also some that I aint never heard of!!! Like WHO THE **** is ____________?! or… WHY the hell is ______ on this?! *SHAKE MY HEAD* lol..

I can understand why lots of you would be upset that some of the best are not up there… Lots of my faves aren’t on this bill… No particular order: Random Abiladeze, Skurge, Cutlass Supreme, Ms Vybe, MLS, Ruby Ibarra, Chonnie Gold, Bru Lei, Tribe of Levi, Delorean, Illecism, Chase, Task1ne, MadFlows, Skynet, Mahtie Bush, The Cuf, Old Ghost, Verbal Taktiks, Butterscotch, Blee, Bones, R.I., Who Cares, Verbalistic, Live Manikins, Izreal, KnowIdentity, Butterscotch, A.R.A.B, Keno………… I’m sure i’m missing some.. sorry! Also, I have yet to hear some other sac talent that people have been telling me about, only been in the Sac Hip Hop scene for roughly over a year… Glad to see SOME of my faves on this flyer… shouts to them, they know who they are.

So, why am I supporting this? First of all I was kindly asked to help out. And I’m all about helping in any way I can for a good cause.  Also, I like the idea.. it could have been organized and promoted differently to have a better outcome. But the idea and love behind it is genuine. Don’t knock the organizers for trying to do something positive for the city, its artists and fans. I haven’t seen anyone else attempt to create an event such as this one..

So please, if you are bitter about this event… know that some of the artists rockin this show are awesome and deserve your support. Again, this does NOT determine “the best..” Your best, is different from mine.. and different from everyones! Suck it up.. go to the show and show some love!!!

If this event continues next year.. I have some suggestions:

 1. Perhaps more people from different aspects of Sac Hip Hop can be involved in planning
(media, promotors, bloggers, businesses, organizations, collaboratives, etc)

2. To be nominated, there should be pre-requisites
( i.e. must have at least one album, non-myspace website, number of shows done/tours, years of experience, etc)

3. The nominator should answer series of questions and/or essay about the artist they are nominating.
(sample questions: 1. Why do you think this artist is a sac all star? 2. What is your favorite song by this artist and why? 3. Describe the first time you fell in love with this artist’s music?)

4. More PR in local publications, radio stations, more blogs, etc… Most of the PR was on  social networking sites but we shouldnt rely soley on that.

5. BBOYS, DJ’s AND GRAFF ARTISTS!!!!! I’m a true head and love it when all elements are represented in some way.

Support local Talent! This event is for the love of the city!!

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