PILIPINO PRIDE. fitteds and more…

via Hat Club, by way of Wenzel Dashington

Wenzel likes to send me random stuff to keep me awake at work, THANK YOU! Lord knows I need it.. 😉 I wish I rocked fitteds cuz I would so sport these (Click the image to go to Hat Club). I saw my Manong Scottie (Archetype of Digital Martyrs) wearing one last night at Capitol Roots, and I was diggin it.  I’m Filipino American and I love it when I see other American-born/raised Filipinos representing to the fullest for our people. Whether its with their music, in their literature, poetry, business, clothing etc. 

Attention: Pilipinos, Pilipino-Americans, and people who love us… on Sunday, June 6th the Filipino Fiest of Sacramento will take place at the Jose Rizal Center in South Sac. FREE admission to all. Check out the link for more info!

On another note… Nut-hugging adam corolla fans may not understand the pride in our people… Hey, I used to be a fan of Loveline too, the radio show and the show on MTV. I understand he’s a comedian but there are some lines you do not cross. When comedians poke fun at other ethnicities, there’s a certain context you say it in. If anyone thinks that his ignorance was ok… or ignorance of the likes of don imus and michael richards, something is seriously wrong with you. Racism is racism…  I still say F*CK adam corolla.

Salamat! (Thanks!)

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