Capitol Roots Mackdown: Thursday May 6th 2010

Come show this event and Capitol Roots love!  Capitol Roots is a community and family-oriented organization and dance studio. They are so much more than just that though… they are a group of determined, hard-working individuals with humongous hearts. Please come out and support this event tomorrow.. if you can’t make it, NO PROBLEM! Capitol Roots is constantly putting on different events for people of all ages… May 20th there will be a B-Boy Battle and this summer we are planning our next Sisters In Session.  Stay tuned.. I will keep everyone plugged with Capitol Roots. Check out .

Verbal Taktiks, Digital Martyrs, Bru Lei, Melkez and DJ Kool Kuts… I have so much love and a lot to say about each one.. I’ll review after the show.. make sure you come out and support.. SPREAD THE WORD!

Peace and Blessings,


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