Everywhere at Once.

Saturday was a lot of work trying to support every event, but damn it was fun! I gotta thank the homegirl Rachael for accompanying me the whole day… we were on some missions.. and missions accomplished!

LIDS, the dopest hat store with the most rockin manager and the sexiest employees, had its Grand Re-Opening Saturday afternoon with performances by Blee (The General), Delorean (w/ singer Iman) and The Freshmen (Bay Area). 103.5 The Bomb was in the buildin too (yes i said it) DJ MoFo was on deck and Short E hosted the event. Every performer had a great set and just had fun with it… Customers of all ages, colors and sizes were groovin to these dope Hip Hop sounds that came out of the Lids Store at Arden Fair Mall.

A-Wolf and Kristo (The Freshmen) rockin at Lids

DJ MoFo spinnin that goooood shit!

The Washington Neighborhood Center had a free Hip Hop Art & Performance showcase that was all day long. Reckless from Desperados (Mentes Diferentes) hit me up last minute about this event but I’m glad he did. After the Lids in-store we headed downtown to check it out! The first thing I saw was a HUGE monster bbq gril from “Los Ponces y Familia Tex Mex Catering.” We grubbed and chatted with the Ponces, who were awesome folks. Enter the main room with vendors and artists along the walls and in the middle a stage with performances… the young homies Chuuwee and Konkwest of TUS were rockin their last song… Other performances included Desparado’s, Task1ne, Mahtie Bush, The Realists and more. The back room was full of artistic creations and unique clothing… and more art and vendors outside as well. There was so much talent, love and community building… This was a great event! 🙂

Shine Clothing – Slangin HipHop In Neighborhoods Everyday

Tape Creatures – I forgot the name of the Artist =/

My favoirte “First Dirt Republic” girls!

Shine took us to a chill BBQ with the guys that were to perform at the Anomie Magazine (Graffiti Art & Culture) show later that night at Capitol Garage. Met and re-met some good folks from Cloud City, nibbled on some tri-tip and talked it up a bit.. Of course, everywhere I went I talked to people about www.sachiphopcalendar.com. They dug it and are down for it.

NEXT: Off to United State Boutique around the corner on J Street for “United We Stand.” The line up = amazing. The event was put on by Illecism and included performances by C-Plus & Lee Bannon, Skurge & Theek of Righteous Movement, Nicatyne, Delorean, Chase Moore, Gameboy, Blee and Chuuwee… Actually I think Fly High peformed also (young cats got heat, saw em last week). It was great to see a mix of different crews/groups… but I want to see this event on a larger scale.. lets make it happen Sac! 

We had to leave early in order to make it to the rest of the destinations.. so we did get to check out Blee, Gameboy, Delorean, C-Plus and Chase Moore. All great performances with a little bit of comedy from Blee & 5th ave 😉 . The only peformer that I was seeing rock for the first time was Gameboy. I heard of him a while ago on one of the 80-West shows but never saw him perform. I was impressed.. good touch w/ the guitarist too. There’s some ustream footage y’all can peep out below. I’m sure the rest of the performers absolutely killed the stage n rocked the crowd..  🙂 BIG UP to the whole line-up including DJ Oasis on deck and the lovley hosts Nikia and Miss Ashleigh from www.kumsfm.com … AND the young homie Mandark creating DOPE live art… And of course Mr. Rich Wing of www.themashup.net . It was super thick up in United State.. I know everyone had a dope time…

Yup.. told you it was THICK! Didn’t know that many people can fit into that little store!

Check out the U-Stream Footage I took

Next stop was the Capitol Garage for the Anomie Magazine Show None of the performances even started yet so it was chat and mingle time with all the fellow Hip Hop Heads. The line up was ill: TAIS w/ MookieSaake (Mookie the Dj and Adam Saake), Emcee Postal, Cloud City, DJ Esef and the crowd got some guest emcee treats… Task1ne, Plush Lush and Random Abiladeze were also there to bless the Mic.

PAUSE. The homegirl Kananimac’s dirtay thirtay was at The Park Ultralounge, right across the street. So after mingling at Capitol Garage we headed to The Park right across the street. The line was too long, we went straight to the front, got in and waited for the birthday girl, while we got some free drinks. Danced to some shitty mash-up but still had a blast! Saw a drunk girl fight with the security guard with her dress all up, exposing 3 much. Good Times… but I’m over clubbin.

PLAY! BACK to Hip Hop… BACK to Capitol Garage just in time for the main set. TAIS and MookieSaake.  I wish I would have taken footage.. both my phone and my camera didnt have enough memory. But you know what? Good thing I didnt have to take footage, cuz I was too busy rockin out to this DOPE set. I’ve been to some wack shows but I’ve also been to A LOT of really awesome and amazing shows… and this was one of them. Adam Saake on the drums is phenomenal and Mookie switchin from turntables to guitar was brilliant. Tais Rockin the mic while MookieSaake did their thing just blew my mind. While I was rockin out with the music, I glanced back to peep the audience and sure enough they was all feelin it too! Bodies MOVIN, people groovin…. sweaty hair, pumpin fists in the air….. screams and cheers… the performance of the year. Didn’t mean to get all poetic but damn.. it just had that effect on me! Tais Band made a connection with the audience by playin them throwbacks between songs… as the whole crowd rapped along to Pharcyde, Tupac, Snoop and Dre. It reminded the true heads of how we are all connected. I’m upset because I don’t feel I did justice to their performance in this post. Just take my word for it and check out the album (below) and go to their next set.. if you love Hip Hop, trust me.. you will NOT be disappointed.

Click on the Album cover to listen

An amazing day in the 916 to say the least. I didn’t get to make the show at Pinky’s.. it was just too far! Anyway, HIT ME UP to spread the word about your events. Hip Hop is my first love.. if you’re dope (key words), I want you to make it… and if I can help in my own way I will.  Send me your calendars… text em your events… I do FWD them and/or twitter and facebook.

Yours Truly,

2 responses to “Everywhere at Once.

  1. Dope! First of all I love to see that you went to all the events… That is the most amzing part of this post… Second, I’m glad you left the camera at home too because you are right, you wouldn’t have been as in to it… I’m glad we got to connect… That is what the culture is all about…



  2. DOPE!

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