Ladies, STAND UP!

Photo by: Stimulate Photography


Article to be published in UBO (and then some)

An all-female line up of emcees, businesses run by women, female spoken word artists, female visual artists, b-girls and a female DJ were all in the program for an event at Sac State on April 10th 2010. The Women in Hip Hop Event, “Because We Are Women” was sponsored by Beats, Rhymes and Culture and featured the talented, hard-working women of our community. 

The evening started off with the emcees and poets scattered around the room spitting acapella verses and freestyles one by one giving the listeners chills, goosebumps and inspiration. From there our Mistresses of Ceremony, B-Girl Temper and Ms. Vybe took it away. The emcees of the evening included Chonnie Gold, Ann Carter, Ruby Ibarra, Ms Vybe, Aria and Chara Charis. The featured poets were B-Girl Temper, Rachel representing First Dirt and some of our emcees also spit spoken word: Chara and Ruby Ibarra.  A special set by DJ-Nita got the crowd hype! A dope female turntablist who has known the feel of vinyl for a decade (and she’s only 22).

Love to the Capitol Roots, NorCalChika, Supa Savy Ent, First Dirt Fam, Slaps Clothing, Shine Clothing, SledgeHammer Graffix, UBO Magazine, Hip Hop Congress for all coming out and representing! This was an amazing and inspiring event for people of all ages, races and genders.  It was an honor and a blessing to be a part of it all.  A special thanks to those who came out to support us!

The collective will continue a series of events; Thursday April 22nd a Female Empowerment Workshop with Ruby Veridiano-Ching (peep the flyer at the end of this article) and Saturday May 15th “Sisters In Session” – an evening of art, speakers, performers, food, music and more! Open to All!  Both of these events will be held at Capitol Roots Studios 2601 Riparian Dr, Elk Grove CA .  Stay tuned for more from this movement.  For more information e-mail (or as always, hit me up).

This started as an idea and a dream, then turned into a movement with a mission statement and strong women behind it!  Its always a beautiful story when your dreams come true.

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