Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal… Rest In Power

Who is Guru?

A question I came across twitter yesterday, the day after his passing. It irritated me but damn, I can’t get mad at ignorance.  Pac and BIG will always be remembered because they are constantly in rotation on the radio stations. A legendary group like Gangstarr (Emcee Guru & DJ Primier) will never be on regular rotation on any popular radio station, especially now in Sacramento. So, while getting riled up yesterday, I was reminded that instead of getting mad I should help educate.. We are losing too many greats.

I remember the first time I saw Gangstarr perform years ago at the Shrine Auditorium.  A bunch of dope people in that lineup.. including Slum Village (RIP Dilla & Baatin), The Roots (my fav) and.. and.. my memory sucks. But I do recall the whole audience rapping along to Mass Appeal. I was like 18 or 19 years old at this show and mind you, I discovered the beauty of Hip Hop at the late age of 15 or 16… prior to that I had no idea of the culture, the meaning or what it encompasses.  My love for Hip Hop was growing deeper.  And then came Jazzmatazz… I fell in love with Streetsoul first and the whole series afterward.  I love when I discover timeless albums.. Gangstarr is on my list of greats and LEGENDS, I don’t care what anyone says… Guru is a Hip Hop Legend.

The sad part is I kinda feel like he can’t rest in peace because of all the bullshit that has been going on with his producer “Solar” and his Family and this supposed “letter”. If you have no idea what I’m talking about.. just google Guru’s alleged letter that he left also check out the public video from his nephew… Guru went into a coma a couple months ago and lips were sealed after…  True Gangstarr fans believe that the letter was a bunch of BS, Solar is shady and he did not die of cancer. I can go on… but I don’t think Guru would want that.

“The solar system can never out shine a Gangstarr” – DJ Scratch

So I’ma end this lecture and I betcha
Those who kick dirt and do time I’m gonna get cha
Cause I be kickin the real
While they be losin the race tryin to chase mass appeal
~”Mass Appeal”

2 responses to “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal… Rest In Power

  1. Thanx for sharing ur knowledge on Guru 🙂

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