who doesn’t love BBQ?

A couple days ago I randomly tweeted about how last week was perfect BBQ weather…  I got awesome responses from some dope people.. and there ya go! We picked a date, time and place so we can get it crackin!

There are a couple things that I would like our guests to consider… PLEASE let myself, Mr. Story or MadFlows know if you will be coming and what you’ll be bringing (to avoid duplicates). Also… c’mon son, we all know some people within our small Hip Hop community got beef… (even tho what ya’ll call ‘beef’ is not beef at all). If you think there may be someone that you don’t get along with.. better just NOT go unless you are willing to act like an adult, like the rest of us =). 

This is a celebration of Hip Hop unity, great weather and good people. Take a break from your everyday hustle and come cool out. Meet some folks you probably heard about and been hopin to meet/work with.  Lots of people I know are juggling a billion things (like me) we deserve a day off!

Bring picnic blankets, folding chairs, music, dominoes, cards, FOOOD, and/or drinks…

MANDATORY: a good attitude.

Thanks! See ya there,
aka nina ross  

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