Hip Hop Congress

Lots of people wonder what it is that I do? Well, there are many sides to me and many groups and organizations that I’m a part of or support. How I became involved with the local Hip Hop Scene? This wonderful organization: Hip Hop Congress.

I can sit here and tell you all about this 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit International Organization. I can ramble on and give examples of our elements: Education, Community Development, Entrepreneurship, Political Activism and Social Activism. BUT you can read all about that and learn more on the official website: http://www.HIPHOPCONGRESS.com

This weekend, board members from the Sacramento Chapter and Auburn Chapter got together to come up with a mission and vision statement specific to our chapters. And here is what transpired:



We would love for you to be a part of this movement and collaborative effort.  We have so much to do and you can help/participate:

  • Hip Hop Awareness Festival
  • Monthly Open Mic
  • Hip Hop Congress Recruitment Event
  • Art Showcases/Live Art Events
  • Women in Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop for the Homeless
  • Youth Element Battle
  • Hip Hop Congress National Conference 2010 (Detroit, MI)
  • Hip Hop Appreciation BBQ
  • Hip Hop Shows/Benefits/Fundraisers
  • Workshops on Artist Management, Community Organizin, Event Planning, Business Development etc.
  • After School Workshops for Middle School Children
  • Beginning workshops on all elements
  • Other Community Service/Internship Opportunities

A recruitment event is coming up soon. Stay tuned…

Send questions and inquiries to: 916hiphopcongress@gmail.com

or just ask me!

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