How The Champ gets DOWN: DJ Rated R

This video is overdue but you will notice most videos i post are long overdue… I didn’t want you to forget about the DJ Battle at the Powerhouse last month. 9 DJ’s came out to play a 20 minute set of their best “club material.” Some of those DJs included DJ Rip 1, Matt Cali, DJ Nita, DJ Oasis, DJ Lahn and Billy Lane. 

Every DJ had their own surprises to bring to the battle. I only caught the end of 2nd place winner Billy Lane’s set but  I noticed he had the crowd’s full participation and everyone loved it. The only other time I’ve ever seen him spin was at a drum n bass gig, so I didn’t even know he did hiphop and I was quite impressed!  I did get to watch 3rd place DJ Lahn’s whole set. I always heard about him and people I know were anticipating his set. I gotta say, I was very pleased with his performance. 

The only DJ battles I ever go to are DMC-esque battles where you have world renowned DJ’s judging such as members of The X-Ecutioners, The Allies, World Famous Beat Junkies and Invizbl Skratch Piklz.. Thats how I use to get down in LA. When I saw that this one was a club DJ battle… I got out of the whole turntablism mode and slightly switched over to the clubbin mode.

DJ Rated R brought me back to turntablism quick! With every scratch, beat juggle, and DJ trick that he used in his set… He fused the CLUB DJ and Turntablist that night at the powerhouse.. Not to mention, he had the whole crowd chanting his name in unison. His set was even cut short on a moments notice, due to other problems, but he still killed it and everyone loved it. When the winners were announced, it was no surprise that Rated R swept the competition.

Dope job Ron! =)

One response to “How The Champ gets DOWN: DJ Rated R

  1. Where is the video?/? Wanna c!

    ~ Aaris / UBO

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