The NorCalChika Radio Show Thursdays on KumsFM

The beautiful, the intelligent, the provacative, the talented….

Blogger, activist, party and concert guru, music connoisseur…

My business partner, great friend, my homegirl and yours……. Miss Nor Cal Chika!

Her radio show on KUMS.FM premiers tonight! Some of Sac’s finest will be in the building.. Mahtie Bush and ARG as special guests.

(I’ll be sippin some wine in the background w/ Rachel)

If you follow her twitter you know that its always active with interesting topics.. everything from porn to social issues.. and people from all over the world jump in on the conversation! She’s like the mediator of debates and discussions… She’s also a friend/business connecter… as I know I’ve met several great individuals through her myself.

She’s invading the airwaves TONIGHT! Don’t miss it. LOG ON (you can listen from your iPhone too!)  (KUMSFM.COM got HACKED, get your links from Tofu’s site)

iPhone users CLICK HERE to be directed to itunes..

ALSO!! Don’t miss Geek Thug Radio from 6PM-8PM
AND Giants and Elephants Radio w/ McYeeeeee from 8PM-10PM (special guest my bro bro SKURGE!)

Afterwards we’ll be hitting up QUALITY at the Blue Lamp featuring the homie Task1ne w/ Illecism, C-Plus and Lee Bannon

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