bring your skills! this wednesday… 3/10/10


note: we welcome all talent… music artists are encouraged to share positive, story-telling, and/or meaningful music (all genres of rap are appreciated but we do not encourage degrading women, racism or prejudice).

ok can i keep it real, real quick? i’m not trying to discriminate on what kind of rap we put on in this event… but if you talk about money, bitches, clothes, gold chains.. it better be a true story and/or it better be catchy.. if not, we’ll prolly put you on anyway but just keep it 100! most artists that come by and spit for us are REAL. they tell us their real life stories or shit we can relate to. lets be honest…  the audience that come to our open mics aren’t rollin in maserati’s, don’t got hella money in the bank and aren’t on yatchs sippin on cristal… most of us drive hoopties, live from paycheck to paycheck on our grind and sip on that rossi… hip hop artists: read and heed… keep it true. thanks.. love, miss chief 916 🙂

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