more poetic vibes.

give thanks
by: nina rebultan

i give thanks
for the lord’s beautiful creation
a true inspiration
ability to feel vibrations
create lyrical stimulation
block out radio stations

i give thanks
for every blessing from head to toe
i let my mind flow
mentally and spiritually i grow

i give thanks
for reintroducing me to what i fell in love with… memories so vivid

i give thanks
for reminding me of what i knew all along
my heart beats to the rhythm of the song
33 1/3 beats per minute, 4 minutes and 20 secons long

i give thanks
for the small yet significant things
remember the joy it brings

i give thanks
for positive soul-lifting energy
on unreachable levels it takes me
to a higher degree
reminding me
of what once made me happy

i give thanks
for the sub terranian vibes
that make me feel so alive
helping me see through my third eye
starting to understand why…
the reason, the truth, the self, the light.

from my inner.. i truly give thanks.
thank you.

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