Graffiti: The Underrated Element of Hip Hop

I love meeting dope Hip Hop heads in Sacramento. Especially the ones that have been around the scene for years and can school folks on the original, the history, the roots.  I met an awesome individual at our first Beats, Rhymes and Culture meeting last week that I definitely want to build with. Brian “Homaside” Wermund is an original Sac Town Hip Hop head doing positive things in the community.  Currently he volunteers for the Washington Neighborhood Center and is doing a Graffiti Film Series… Check out more details in the e-mail he sent some of the BRC members:

BRC Members,
It was nice to meet some of you last night.  I thought I would tell you a few things I have in the works. First of all I volunteer some of my time at the Washington Neighborhood Center on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8PM. I teach art to kids on Tuesday nights. On Thursday’s I am trying to drum up some interest in creating a graffiti class. 

 What I have started is the “The Art of Aerosol”  a documentary film series. The past two weeks we cover the New York history in “Style Wars” and last night we covered LA’s history “Graffiti Verite”.  The next three Thursday evenings from 6-8PM I will be showing, Feb.25th “Piece by Piece” covering SF bay area history, March 4th “Bomb It” which explores the progression of graffiti across the globe and March 11th “Beautiful Losers” which speaks to graffiti’s influence on artists of our generation.  Come on by build with your folks. Please help me spread the word. WNC @ 16th & D St. in SAC TOE 916

Also the week of March 15th thru 19th Sac State is celebrating the Festival of Arts, and I will be having an art show on campus at the Witt Gallery with a reception on Thursday March 18th from 6-8PM. Come through at least for some free grub and beverages.

So for the next four Thursday’s before practice come on through and support. If you know anyone whom may be interested in any of this please pass the word.
If anyone needs help with anything let me know
I am down for the cause, the struggle & the movement.”

One response to “Graffiti: The Underrated Element of Hip Hop

  1. You should write a piece about this guy for UBO!! I am excited! Maybe he can help out w/ the art at the Awareness Fest!

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