Fun and Games with NorCalChika & MissChief

I don’t know how this started exactly. Oh! YES I do.. yesterday, I was searching for battle emcees and tweeted about it. NorCalChika claimed she was the best female battle emcee… I told her I’d battle her.. and she called me out on it! THAT’S where it all started. Neither of us are rappers/emcees nor battle… so don’t try to get us to do this in person! This was all fun and games and BOY did it get personal!  I wish saved everyone’s comments… they made3 it that much more interesting!  This was super fun/funny/entertaining… Anyway, here goes… Check it….

NorCalChika vs. MissChief

NorCalChika in Purple
MissChief916 in Green

@NorCalChika what u want? lil girl/tryna front like its ur world/when its MINE you just in it/cuz i’m in it 2 win it/u wannabe i BEEN IT!

@sluggaofmls shootin with a gun?/ cuz my name is nina!/she don’t want NONE/ of this nine millameta!! @norcalchika

@sluggaofmls she don’t want it/ cuz i’ma BEAST on the microphone/i think she wants to vomit/go head lil girl run home! @norcalchika

@NorCalChika where u at norcal, mariana or should i say paola, is it?/rhymes so sick i think i needa doctor visit….

@misschief916 exactly whatu sayin girl/ur a hasbeen throw u in the thrashbin/c me in th cover ofmaxim/i rule th scene dnt mke me chck urchin

@NorCalChika on the cover of maxim or US weekly/ cuz we know ur drama/ plus u gotta diff guy weekly/ just like ya mama

@misschief916 @sluggaofmls her name is nina makes me laugh like a hyena/call me angelina cuz I’m the badest bitch in this arena!

@NorCalChika baddest? u wish you was/cuz you can’t do like i does/in the arena when its the circus/ give it up girl you’re worthless!

@misschief916 haha! Puh lease! I don’t need help to let everyone know u been following my footsteps

@NorCalChika your footsteps huh? think you’re funny chick/ i think u got somethin in ur mouth.. oh its ANOTHER dick!

@misschief916 girl I been in the scene while u were busy hazing freshmen girls in socal loca!

@misschief916 I do run the circus & ur the main act! That’s a fact.Every guy in the state wants meits true whn I tell embout u they all puke

@NorCalChika thats not what ur papa said last night/ in fact he did it just right….

@NorCalChika i didnt think it was too bad/ when he made me scream “NORCAL CHIKA’S DAD!”

@misschief916 and don’t get me started w dick cuz I can’t tell u how many time ur man who doesn’t even claim u told me I’m his #1 pick

@NorCalChika he don’t claim me but but i dont CHASE/ got MOORE numbers in the blackbook in that case

@misschief916 why u call urself misschief?? I can see the 1 thng ur r missing is game wait and style and fame

@misschief916 but wait I got that covered like ur face with cum

@NorCalChika i’m MISS CHIEF cuz i’m a boss!/i run this shit n bitches like you i TOSS

@misschief916 that’s right my daddy does like to give it in the ass, I can tell by the way u walk so do you maybe now u should get to mass

@NorCalChika I’m a CHIEF and i CHIEF that ganja green/ i be about my bidniz while you dilly dally in the scene

@misschief916 what u know about bisness? So u booked a show or 2, I been runnin sac tahoe santa cruz la and now I run you!

@NorCalChika more like DOING every guy in tahoe santa cruz and sac/ u tried to get at me drunk that night but i heard ur shit was wack

@misschief916 so ur the chief right? Smokin ur peace pipe watching my hype I’m grabbin my snipe and shooting ur type.hey u forgot to wipe!

@NorCalChika pussy infested with STDs and STI’s/from all these rapper guys

@NorCalChika pussy on sale hit up nor cal chika/on twitter or myspace u wont find it cheaper

@misschief916 and at least I at times chase adventure& fun all while u sit athome like a nun wishin ur manwould stp callinme n gve u a son

@NorCalChika rapper one rapper two rapper three/they share u and your STD’s!

@misschief916 the only STD here are ur infected rhymes! U can’t fuck w dimes ill destroy u w mine 3 times!

@NorCalChika CHASE MOORE adventure when adventure don’t want u/ but that’s ok, moving on.. the next rapper will do…

@misschief916 don’t want me?? Ha! Kids can’t handle a womans skillsn but u wouldn’t know cuz ur sittin at home while I’m makin ur man moan

@NorCalChika “hi i’m nor cal chika/pleased to meetcha!” seen her ass on twitter/ she’ll definitely let any rapper hit her

@NorCalChika more like ur rhymes are a DIME a dozen/ u wanna husband, but they just wanna lay you/ u just book them a show, no need to pay u

@misschief916 girl at least they wanna lay me! They ask u for pay when u want em to touch u!

@NorCalChika he doesn’t claim me right/ nothin new to u.. different guy every night./ knock knock! who’s @ the window turn on the light!!

@misschief916 shit u know how I have got guys knockin on my window blowin up my phone & laying in my bed & u well u masterbate to my stories

@NorCalChika dont b mad cuz i’m picky with mine/ while u want every dick every kind/ every color every shape/huge balls or balls like grapes

@NorCalChika dick in ya mouth, balls on ya chin/dick everywhere! any hole it fits in!

@misschief916 picky?But u told me bout ricky, & mickey, & the dude that gave u a huge hickey. And last nights quickie w the small ass dicky

@NorCalChika small dicky? never! u know i fux w/ black dudes/ i know u dont like em but ANY dick gets u in the mood

@misschief916 yeah dicks I get plenty, local ones & famous. Ur favrite mcs know me by name but I can’t blame I’m just that goddam acclaimed!

@NorCalChika hows that rash the one u told me about?/ pussy red bumps down there u should get it checked out

@misschief916 tht aint no rash girlu just dn’t knw wht big dick feels like.Theonly riding uevr done is on a bike,now stopdressin like a dyke

@misschief916 my pussy is so good dicks wine n dine me on a daily, say they luv me n do my chores somethign they’d never do 4 u whore!

@NorCalChika pussy ass niggas for a bitch ass girl/ my feelings hurt? na.. but i kinda wanna HURL

@NorCalChika brothas i fux with know exactly what the deal is/ i just keep it low key cuz thats what classy and real is

@misschief916 oh & sorry ur heart got crushed by that dude u were diggin I gues u weren’t THAT 1 he was feelin…

@NorCalChika he went LEFT i went RIGHT/ i still saw him last night… LOL

@misschief916 he LEFTYou w no ROSE he told me he don’t like hos

 lol… there you have it. I had to get back to work… but maybe there’ll be a round two one day! Another random day on twitter…. *smh* =)

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  1. lol!

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