Sacramento State University Leadership Conference

My friend/fellow hip hop head Vince Horiuchi (aka ‘Vincanity’) asked me to come to this conference this morning to be a representative of the Beats Rhymes and Culture (BRC) Club.  Beats Rhymes and Culture is the student voice of Hip Hop at California State University, Sacramento. Vince is the President of the organization and he too is on his grind! He’s a bboy and dance instructor for Capitol Roots Studio and part of the Sacramento Kings Breakers.  He’s graduating this year and asked some of us to step up.  This club has a lot of potential and I hope to help this organization reach that.  A big event coming up is called “Cap City Culture,” a free event open to all on the Sac State Campus representing the elements of Hip Hop Culture. More details to come on that…

If you are interested in joining BRC please hit me up…

On another note: this conference just made me realize how old I am.  I’ve been involved in Student Organizations for the last 15 years and have been to this sort of thing dozens of times.  Some of it is repetitive but I must admit… I get a little something new out of each one of these leadership/workshop type gigs. I’m a constant learner and student of life…

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