you can follow me if you want..

on twitter or in real life (just don’t stalk me.. i got body guards lol):

Friday, Jan 29th: Mahtie Bush’s Album release of Backpackramento @ Blue Lamp

Saturday Jan 30th: Dinner, Drinks and Dancing with the girls.. @ Noneyabidniz =P

Sunday Jan 31st: Leverage Board Meeting 4PM — If you feel you have something to bring to the table (if you have a talent, vendors, visual artists, charities, promotions, etc.) please come prepared with a bio, demo, portfolio, etc.. Hit me up if you are interested so you can be added to the agenda

 Monday, Feb 1st: Leverage Open Mic @ Tre 1212 Howe Ave, Free, 8PM

Thursday, Feb 4th: Chuck D Guest Speaker @ Sac State, Free, 7:30-8:30PM…. Ms Vybe’s Bday Bash After…

Wednesday, Feb 10th: Hip Hop Congress presents… Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers @ Image VIP!! Say Anything Tour… Don’t miss this!

more to come.. stay tuned…

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