Open Mic At Tre

After a very long day yesterday, I was sitting in class waiting for it to be over so that I could get home, kick my feet up and breathe.  The homegirl Aria calls and texts me to remind me about her first Open Mic night at Tre. She asked me to come through when she attended Hip Hop for Haiti and I said “maybe.” I’m a big supporter of open mics and local music but its just literally been non-stop for me (sixth night out in a row) so I was looking forward to taking a night off.. BUT I decided to go, since it was right around the corner from sac state.. plus I really wanted to support my girl.

I’m really glad I went.. the vibe was very chill, almost like leverage but with less people.  The talent was good, average and amazing…. nothing horendous like a few “burps” at our leverage launch party on the 11th.  The night began with an open cypher with emcees and spoken word artists passin the mic  to spit for 30 seconds each… This definitely set the mood off right. Let me point out some of the performances of the evening…

MadFlows – One of the young cats that impresses me more and more everytime I see him perform. I really like his style and respect his hustle. This is the third time I’ve seen him perform since Wednesday.  He also performed on Soosh*E’s set on Saturday for the Haiti fundraiser and I noticed during Rahman’s set he was really into it. Its people like this I want to see get involved with Hip Hop Congress.

Chuuwee – Another young’n I’ve seen perform 3 times since Wednesday. I admire that he wants to show the world that he got heat on the mic any opportunity he gets. Especially because Sacramento night scene doesn’t cater to the under 21 crowd. I really enjoyed his performance again. His crew is The Usual Suspects… so far I’m only familiar with him and J Good… I dig both of them and I only see them getting better and better.

Chonnie Gold (shawn-ee-gold) – a DOPE ass female emcee. I think I’ve only seen her once before in an open cypher at the KRS-1 show last year.  She has amazing stage presence, her lyrics are so motivational and whoever does her beats is a beast!  Something about her voice and the way she flows makes the audience feels what she feels. This woman is an inspiration and I DEFINITELY want to work with her in the future. She’s already booked for our open mic on Monday.. only special people get those slots lol.

Izreal- Categorized and judged a a “Christian rapper” I don’t care, this man has skills! Better stage presence than a lot of rappers I see perform… He gets the crowd hype and doesn’t care what people think! God and Rap are two things society thinks doesn’t belong together.. Izreal proves them wrong. I always enjoy his performances.. “Rappers are in danger!”

ImmoBMe- student, mother, sister, poetic genius. I met her years back at Sac City College in a class that changed both of our lives. She kept in touch through e-mail with poetry events throughout the city and we re-connected a few times. Last night she performed 2 pieces and she still has that amazing talent.. GO girl! I’ve missed you!

Task1ne – what to say about this fella.. Again and again he puts on a great performance.. He’s the homie and I’ve seen him perform like 100 times and it never gets old.. Seen him grow a lot in the past year and finally gettin some respect he deserves! Just can’t wait for that album to drop… *HINT* i mean.. he IS working on like 4,080 projects and collabs for this year lol.. Download his Mixtape “The Invincible” if you already haven’t. (Sorry No link)

Chara Charis – From the first time I saw her perform I knew this girl was serious.. serious about life, music and positivity. She is an amazing, inspiring young woman with all kinds of talent. She can BLOW! Her vocals are so strong and powerful. She recites spoken word AND she can rap. She stumbled a bit on a new song last night, but she totally made up for it when she brought up Aria and Chonnie Gold to perform a song they all did together.. All I have to say about that trio is… WOW! If you missed it, you’ll see it again in April when I work with these ladies on a Women in Hip Hop event (along with my Chapter sisters in Congress and other amazing women). Stay tuned..

Anthony – I forget what his emcee name is but this is another young’n who rocked the mic last night. He got my attention by rapping about being filipino and lumpia (figures lol). But he has a dope flow! I definitely see him growing in the Sacramento Hip Hop scene. He busted an acapella first, engaging with his audience… looking people in the eye while he told his story in rhyme. He was dope… hope I see him at more events.

Ms. Vybe – yeah, she’s my girl but I started diggin her music even before we were friends. Her live performances blow me away with all that energy! If you’ve seen her perform, then you definitely know what i’m talkin about. One of the most underated rappers in Sacramento. I get mad when I hear other local emcees w/ half her talent get airplay before her.. *shakes head* welp, i believe in her rappin and producing skills.. she’s on her grind daily! Check out and sign up for the website she made to unite SACRAMENTO HIP HOP —->> SACHIPHOP.NING.COM Here’s my badge for the site:

Visit Sacramento Hip Hop

Aria – Last but not least… my girl. She did a great job hosting this event. Keeps the positive energy flowing and surrounds herself around inspiring people because she is an inspiration herself. Beautiful voice, poetic and emcee skills… this woman is great and I’m glad we connected. Great event, lady.. congrats!

I forgot to mention I bought some art last night for my spot downtown when I move in March… The artist’s name: Danielle Marquez. I bought 5 pieces:  Jam Master Jay, Pastel piece of a krylon spray can, painted vinyl record, pastel piece of a girl blowing bubbles, and a stenciled piece of a boombox that says “make music not war”.  Here’s a pic of the JMJ one (under disco lights)… I’ll post pics of the others soon, maybe hehe..

Some of these performers will make another appearance this coming Monday.. same time same place, different event. Mondays at Tre will most likely stick to an Open Mic type vibe… you’re guranteed some awesome talent at the next Leverage events… Mark your calendars:


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  1. a dope blog and a sick event these people put together for sac.

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