BUSY WEEKENDS are normal to me.

I have a bunch of pictures that I need to upload from last week/weekend’s activities. They are coming soon I promise.

Wednesday night was the Hip Hop Congress monthly Open Mic @ Capitol Garage. Thanks to everyone that made it out and especially everyone that rocked the mic! We always open this up to any and every genre, but of course Hip Hop takes over each time… BIG UP to the homie DJ Kool Kuts for always comin thru providing the dopest sounds…  Aman Wyzdom Smith for holding down the night as host… Aaris, Shasta and Megan (my chapter sisters) for drivin me crazy but keepin me sane, heh… AND ALL YOU DOPE EMCEES, BBOYS/BGIRLS, TRUE HIP HOP HEADS that always make this real.. we love and appreciate you:

Mic Jordan (bday boy), Mahtie Bush, Erica R, Task1ne, Izreal, Digital Martyrs (Archetype & Off Balance), Chuuwee, MadFlows, Jimmy, Sondra, DJ Rockbottom, Erica, Jahi, Lingo, Self, Melkez, Styles 1001, Wes and homies, Aaris, Rachel, JaeSynth, Jordan Yee, Chara Charis, Aria, Naomi J, Seraphanie, and the random people in and out of Capitol Garage that night. I know I’m forgetting some people and I truly apologize… I always try to meet as many people that come to our events as I can.

Thursday night the homegirl Tish draaagggged me to come out to Harlows to watch Bicasso of the living legends.. also TAIS and Augustusthelephant. I didn’t feel like going but I wanted to promote HIP HOP FOR HAIT.. so I went and ended up having a great time. I ran into an old friend who wouldn’t shut up about how she was homies with the living lengends… (great! you and everyone else, sis.. lol!) its all good, she was drunk and it was good seein her again. Unfortunately I missed Augustusthelephant set (still never seen this cat perform live… heard good things). But I did see Bicasso rock while he DJ’ed for himself =) of course the CUF was in da buildin so you know Crush and N8 the GR8 had to make their cameos… it was dope. The BEST performance of the night has to go to TAIS band… I’ve heard their music, I’ve seen Tais emcee.. but never saw the whole band perform and I enjoyed every moment of it.  There is something Hip Hop with live instrumentals…

At the end of the show the band came to the center of the dance floor and created a cypher with the audience and started rockin “Too Complex” with a tamberine and a guitar…. it was so ill… i have my own footage of it that I need to upload but in the meantime go to THE TAIS MUSIC WEBSITE to check out what someone else happened to capture.

CAN YOU SAY CRACKIN?? I had so much fun at this party. It was like a club atmosphere with all the Hip Hop heads I usually see at shows. I needed this night to loosen up, get a couple drinks in my system, and dance with my peoples. This was really like a twitter party… I introduced myself to some folks and some folks introduced themselves to me (of course by our twitter names!) I didn’t intend on getting as #whiteboywasted as I did but hey, I don’t do this all the time.. so its all to the GOOD!

It was my first time at Omina too. I had some good conversations with Lefty Rose and the homeboy DJ On One… An ugly, ignorant muhf**er almost runied my night (not gonna repeat what happened) but Lefty, OnOne and NorCalChika made up for it, love them… an adventure indeed.. one for the books. Let’s just leave it at that.

SATURDAY 1/23/10 – HIP HOP FOR HAITI @ Capitol Roots
First of all, can I just thank everyone who came out and supported such a great cause? Also to Mahtie Bush (@MahtieBush916) and Veronica (@MissV213) who donated ahead of time, knowing they wouldn’t be able to make it to the event! God Bless you both!

JGood and Chuuwee, the young homies from the Usual Suspects started off the evening and got the crowd hype… dope job fellas! Ya’ll are very talented and have so much potential… Keep on grindin and the world will know about The Usual Suspects…

Then the homie SLANT and his group THE VERBAL TAKTIKS absolutely murdered the stage… my pinoy bro bros put it down and I’m so glad to have connected with these cats.. definitely will be working with them again.

Task1ne, the invincible, always goes hard. I’m not sayin that cuz he’s the homie… I didn’t even know him when I first heard his mixtape. He gets the crowd movin and jumpin when he’s live.. got lotsa love for this dude.

Next on the mic was Soosh*E and I’ve never seen or heard of this young cat but I’m glad I did that night. He rocked on Task1ne’s set a lil bit  and had Mad Flows rock on his set. They all did an amazing job.. 

5th Ave and Maintain also came out for the cause and what can i say? This is probably the umteenth time I’ve seen 5th Ave rock and I never get bored… job well done once again.. see you at the Rashaan Ahmad show!

The most anticipated show of the evening (for me at least) was the LIVE MANIKINS! How long have I been hearing about how great the Live Mankins are? Far too long.. I got to see what all the hype was about for myself at the show on Saturday. GREAT stage presence, DOPE music, CROWD participation.. I enjoyed every bit of their performance. Can’t wait to work with them again.

Now, the BEST perofmance of the evening was non other than the Hip Hop Congress FAM BAM Rahman Jamaal. He spoke on what needed to be said that evening: The importance of coming together as a community to help. He asked for a moment of complete silence for the brothers and sisters we lost in Haiti. He did a spoken word piece over some jazzy beats that made us think about what is really important in this world. Of course he did what he does best… educated the crowd through Hip Hop music! Rahman Jamaal.. Hip Hop Educator, Emcee, Actor, Friend, Hip Hop Congress Fam… got lots of love and respect for this guy.

Almost forgot to mention the bad ass bboys that went hard on the dance floor! bboy/girlizm is amazing to me… And who could forget about the YOUNG lil bboys rockin the dance floor.. the cutest thing ever! These kids are untouchable.

THANK YOU to the artists that created that dope graffiti piece outside…

Thank you so much to DJ Rated R for holding it down for sound and also DJ Jetski for helpin out. And one of my fave people Mic Jordan for hosting the evening….

Capitol Roots crew.. I cannot express how grateful I am to work with such a strong group! I respect admire you all so much and we will definitely be working together again, and often!

Of course my Congress heads… you know i love ya’ll!

Again.. I have pictures and they’ll be posted soon! Thanks to anyone and everyone who comes and supports the events that I’m involved with. You are greatly appreciated!

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