Adventures in Sacramento!!

I’ve had several blogs… blogspot (aka blogger), live journal, myspace… I just like to document the happenings of my hectic/beautiful life. So much is happening in the city of trees thus far… I’d like to use this blog to document my experiences… especially in the music scene. As well as rant about whatever the fuck I want to rant about- be it my neverending educational journey to get my degrees, my job (career to most in my profession) that I should be more grateful for, or anything I want the world to know about.

I’m currently involved in several projects/movements/organizations that have positive goals, missions and concepts. I’m working within a diverse community to make positive steps forward in this city. Bringing the community together is what I’m about.

Stay tuned for some interesting stories, pictures, videos, thoughts, insight… maybe i’ll even review some shit on here.. i probably will.

This site will be under construction until I figure it all out!

One response to “Adventures in Sacramento!!

  1. Wenzel Dashington

    You go NANchalant! I see and believe in your vision girl! Keep grindin’, it’s go pay off!

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