Keep your worries…

Any of Guru’s Jazzmatazz joints always sets the right mood for me. This morning, as I admired Sacramento’s beautiful calm after the rain, a classic blasted through my earbuds…. Rest in Power GURU!

“I’ve been tellin’ you, that there’s war out here/ And I’ve been tellin’ you, that there’s more out here/ So stop limitin’ your thoughts, stop reconstructin’ your plots/ It’s more than luck it’s an art, no more, duckin’ from NARC’s/ Haters stay at a distance, haters keep away from my fam/ Haters stay in my business, haters still playin’ this jam…”


“Love Letter” Kixxie Siete and Bambeeno

Even though Kixxie Siete is practically a neighbor to Sacramento I only recently discovered his music through the Rent Money Tour with Bambu. Siete definitely gained some new fans in Sacramento after gracing the stage at Sol Collective… including me! Here’s a dope song off an upcoming collaborative project “The 7AM Mixtape” produced by Bambeeno. Be sure to check out


Bambu performs “Something” at Beats & Lumpia 2012

The Hip Hop Congress fam Rocky Zapata captured this amazing footage of Bam performing an amazing re-make of Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Don’t forget to check out Bambu at

Dear World…

I’m ready for you.


DLRN releases new song accompanied by artistic video

DLRN is proud to present the music video for “Good Company”, the first single off their long awaited EP, Awakenings. The video, directed by Sami Abdou, captures emcee Sean la Marr’s opus to the perfect partner.

“Good Company”, filmed in Los Angeles, was shot by Maximillian Schmige and edited by Doug Herman. Utilizing photographic techniques like double exposure photography, Abdou was able to reflect the emotions inherent in the song. “A cocktail of sexiness, love, admiration, and triumph,” Abdou describes. The music video marks the third time the group has worked with Abdou, having previously worked with the director on “Dear Langston” and “Reset” (featuring Xuice Hades of Fly High and Prometheus Brown of the Blue Scholars).

Awakenings is the final chapter of a trilogy that includes 2009’s No More Heroes and 2010’s The Bridge. Each project, eight tracks in length, serves as a portrait of the group’s evolving understanding of themselves and the world they live in. Awakenings is set for release on November 27th.

Awakenings tracklist:
1. Homecoming (feat. David Scott)
2. The Calling
3. Good Company
4. House of Matches
5. Fear & Loathing (feat. Stevie Nader)
6. Drive
7. Roxie’s
8. …Open Letter (Part Two)

DLRN is emcee Sean la Marr, vocalist Iman Malika, and producer Jon Reyes. They are from Sacramento, California.

“Give Thanks” Awards ceremony recognizes teachers who make a difference!

ImageI keep telling you how amazing my friends are. Today, Natalie (Community and Youth Organizer and Hip Hop Education Advocate) asked I Love Lumpia to cater this annual event. I love the fact that I have connected with so many inspiring people in the Northern California area. Natalie Pohley and Rocky Zapata have been holding down the Auburn community in the name of Hip Hop, love, community, education and so much more.

Today, the Auburn Hip Hop Congress will be honoring educators in their community who have made an impact on the lives of the youth. Along with the awards ceremony, is the presentation of the first collaborative music video by the members of AHHC entitled, “Lyrics, Legends and Leaders.” This video is the product of a 5-day music and video production camp funded by Placer Youth Commission and Friday Night Live. The video offers a unique look at community issues as 15 young artists use personal experiences to address substance abuse (specifically prescription pill misuse), drinking and driving, violence, teen pregnancy, depression and suicide. This is not your cheesy “don’t do drugs” video. The realness of each person’s story is touching and poignant. We expect this video to go far and really make a difference! 

The young people who participated in this project will also be awarded on this very special night.

The video is SO dope and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

~Give Thanks~
Awards Ceremony

Date: November 15, 2012
Time: 6:30pm-9:00pm
Place: PlacerArts Building
Address: 808 Lincoln Way Auburn, CA 95603

Entertainment will be provided by the Writing and Reciting Class which has been funded by the Community Wellness Grant and Placer Community Foundation. This event is free and all are welcome. Refreshments will be provided.

We are a product of our times

Social media in 2012 is like the air we breathe. From the moment we wake up, after shutting off the alarm, maybe after we check missed calls or text messages or somewhere in between, we MUST check our updates on whichever app has the little red notification bubble.. for iPhone users anyway. Or, maybe you’re like me and have a special folder for all of my social media apps. We become obsessed with our “smart phones” and must update, post, tweet, check messages, take a picture any chance we can.

From the days of livejournal, friendster, blogspot, photobucket, black planet and asian avenue… to facebook and twitter.  If you were/are on any of those, you are from my generation of social media. The web came quickly to make our lives easier, to complicate things, to distract us, to give us more resources, to connect with the world, to disconnect from real life. Every form of technology has its advantages and shortcomings, but how many of us realize this and truly take it into consideration?

With google at our fingertips its unnecessary to go into a library and look up the answer to our questions. This saves us time, but does it make us lazy as well? And who is willing to admit it? Through the years I’ve found many advantages of the internet and social media for things like school, business, marketing, community organizing, spreading the word, keeping in touch with friends and more. Its easier to get the word out on a virtual network. Creating a Facebook invitation is cheaper and can reach many more people than sending out an invitation by mail.  The disadvantage is that internet invites lose communication richness, which is another discussion. At times I have been torn because I was confused as to how such a great tool could also become such a huge disadvantage in life.

The internet makes it easier to lie, plagiarize, steal identity, show stupidity, bully, threaten, talk shit and express other inappropriate behavior. Anyone can get behind a computer screen and type away no matter how vulgar, offensive, disgusting or stupid it is.  I’m aware that all this exists off line as well, but that doesn’t mean I want to see it on my networks! So I decided to clean up. Followed, unfollowed, deleted, blocked… it is necessary to do so every once in a while. I went from following gossip columns to unfollowing them and filling my timeline with my favorite authors and motivational speakers.

But even with the routine maintenance, I found myself quite addicted to not only the internet but my phone in general… and I hate it. It holds true that we are in fact a product of our times, and this is what our times consist of: technology galore! Its time we all start taking responsibility online.

Be aware of your audience (the world).
Know that you are constantly branding yourself, even when you’re not.
Stop putting ALL your business online.
Its a good thing to have a filter once in a while.
Know that everything online is PERMANENT.
Learn proper spelling and grammar.
Teach our kids the benefits of the internet, warn them about the disadvantages.
Stop creeping on your ex’s profile.
Take a break! Deactivate for a few days… recharge!
Avoid confrontation through any form of text. Look that person in the face!

The list goes on… but ultimately, lets all be mindful of ourselves and our relationship to technology. Let’s make the best use of everything that has been given to us. I’m able to say this because I’m learning myself.  A lot of this seems like common sense, but its easy to get lost in the overwhelming online social network. I’ve built my online identity to reflect the person I am as far as posting relevant events, positive updates, music and other things that interest me. But I’m also guilty of feeding into negativity, profile stalking, outbursts, threatening and having online “beef.” If any of you readers remember any of those moments, I’ll buy you a drink and we can laugh about it.

While we are on the subject, for a little while, you won’t find me on any of my favorite platforms but feel free to check on me here, e-mail, call or HEY that face to face thing is fun too. 😉

Check out this post I got the photo above from